New Developmental Chief of Sokwenya Manya Krobo, Ghana

Archbishop Hilton Brian Hadaway 

Chief Nene Teye Kwabena Ofoe 1

St. Francis N.E.S.B.F. Archdiocese of Canada Ghana report 2012

image showing archibishop Hadaway with a group of Ghana leadersMy journey to Ghana has been a very exciting but challenging one for me and those that have journeyed with me over the past years, as there has been great breakthrough in touching the lives of the less fortunate ones that we come into contact with. On this my recent trip in September 2012, I brought with me five members of St. Francis Church one of which came from as far away as The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean.

As always, I am never sure what to expect when I visit the mother land, however this was a very special time for me and those that journeyed with me as we were able to participate in the inauguration and the official launch of St. Francis Archdiocese Outreach Ministry International (Ghana) in the wonderful village of Odumase Krobo, which is now fully registered and incorporated with the National Government here in The Republic of Ghana and has been recognize as a license NGO. It was one year ago on September 17th 2011 at my enstoolment of becoming a Developmental Chief of Sokwenya, Manya Krobo under the recommendation of Chief Nene Tetteh Osieku III that I embarked on a mission to assist in the growth and development of Odumase Krobo. As history would have it, I deem it a pleasure and an honor to take on the role and responsibility of establishing a computer training school for the young men and women in the field of computer related programs that would get them ready for the changing economy as we move forward in the 21st century as Developmental Chief of the area. We have therefore presented to the Chief 10 fully operational computer systems for the training and education of the youths of Manya Krobo that was donated by our church members, friends and sponsors.

image showing Archibishop Hadaway with other church leadersFirst I want to thank God for his saving grace that has bought me thus far as I grow in the strength and power of Jehovah God. I believe that God is opening up new doors and new horizons in my life. I look forward to working with all my people of Manya Krobo for the further growth and development of this quiet village that I have grown to love over the years since I have been visiting the Republic of Ghana. I can truly say it is a great experience for us all, as we looked on with great amazement the joy that we have bought to my people at the presentation ceremony.

I came to understand and accept the fact that this is where God wants me to spread his works and his word through missionary work. I felt a great passion to continue with the Ministry of the Lord’s work in this continent. I realize that there is a great spiritual, emotional, financial and educational need to assist the young people of this country. Therefore, doing the Lord’s work I am now able to touch more lives following the commission of God Almighty “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ baptizing in my name and to feed the hungry, cloth the naked and lo I am with you always”

One of the orphanages which is located in Nungua that is support by our NGO, supports and care for approximately 42 children. Its day to day operation is supervised by Pastor Affotey and the staff where they have also erected the New Life Orphanage School, so that the children of the orphanage home can attend. The school will be officially open in October 2012. These vulnerable children can now get better and well deserve education, and would not be bullied or seen as being different within their society. By God’s divine grace and the encouragement of their sponsors they would become respectable citizen within their communities. These young children deserve a better future, and are also being brought up in the fear of the lord and to worship his holy name.

The second home is located in the village of Manya Krobo, which houses 40 orphans and vulnerable children and these homes depend solely on donations from organizations such as St. Francis and other agencies. I want to emphasize that all 2 homes solely depends on donation like sports equipments, school supplies, clothes, computers and books all of which can be new or used, also monetary gifts which allow them to purchase food supplies and medication for these children.

I have willingly offered my services to strengthen any existing programs and projects that are already underway in Manya Krobo and to help establish any new projects that may be needed for the continued development and further education of our toddlers and young people of those who will be our future leaders of tomorrow. I pledge to continue working with all my other affiliated churches and orphanage homes in Ghana namely Holy Light of Jesus Christ Ministry in Prampram, African Faith Tabernacle Church in Ashanman, The Omnipotence Mission of God Church in Teshie, Prayer Deliverance Church of Christ and Revival Evangelistic Ministry Int both of which are located in Odumasse Krobo, New Life Outreach International Chapel & Orphanage Home of Nungua, and my brother and friend Chief Nene Tetteh Osieku III to ensure that our goals and objectives are met and function with the highest standard and satisfaction to all concern.

My final thoughts is to extend a special thanks to those who have travel with me to Ghana to bear witness and have supported me with the missionary works we the citizen of Toronto Canada are doing in the continent of Ghana. Praise and thanks be to the Almighty God who has kept me alive, vibrant and under the Holy Spirit anointing, honor and Glory to Jesus Christ whose blood was shed on Calvary and is still being poured out upon me and the St. Francis Church family. I would like to also offer my sincere thanks to the chairman of our outreach ministry here in Ghana Mr. Johnston Bosompem for all his hard work and dedication, also to my dear friend Mr. Ishmael Tetteh Nartey and my Pastor and Prophet Bishop Frank Ashley for all the love and support given to me and the outreach ministry.

Last but not least Grace and Peace be multiplied unto my faithful friend Rev. Mother Celene in Montreal Quebec for all her spiritual and financial support towards the missionary work being undertaken in Ghana, and not forgetting the members in our community including all of our business partners who have supported our mission by giving of your time and donations generously I say to everyone a Special Thank You.

In conclusion, to all my children and members of St. Francis Church, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the support and encouragement for without your support I would not have been able to do it and there would not have been a mission (I LOVE YOU ALL THE FLOCK OF ST. FRANCIS). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, GOD’S PEACE, AND BLESSING UPON YOU ALL, and may the spirit of the Ancestors continue to guide you all as we work together to build and better and stronger Ghana.

You’re encouraged to make your financial donation for our mission online through our offering link on our website Donation of sports equipments, school supplies, clothes, computers and books can also be dropped off at our church location all of which can be new or used and a tax receipt for income tax purposes is available. May God Almighty continue to bless you in your going out and in your coming in through Jesus Christ our Lord.

St Francis National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese Of Canada Welcomes You

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The writings of Paul have often fascinated me as St. Francis N.E.S.B.F. Archdiocese of Canada Leader, Elder, and a man of God. Throughout the writings within the book of Romans the Apostle Paul gave us a foundation of what we need to do in order to be walking examples of Christ. More specifically in Romans 13, verse 1-2, we encounter the importance of admonishing those that are place in authority over us as those that are ordained by God to serve as ruler of the body of Christ. St. Francis has been blessed to be in existence for 19 years. This is a result of many years of hard work but most importantly it is a result of the strong obedience I have towards my office as Shepherd of the home and of the stock of Abraham and most importantly my fear of God. In this fear I endeavour to take his work and instruction very seriously.

Arcbishop Hadaway

Due to this discipline, I have been blessed to see our home weather many storms, enjoy beautiful sunshine and continue to see growth as I enjoy the strong support of the people around me. Take the time to ask yourself if you as a child of the Almighty God is being obedient to God and submitting yourself to his instruction and those he has placed in your life to give you instructions. How is your walk with Christ? Are you doing all that you can do to ensure you are being obedient to God’s instruction. If you think there is room for improvement let us start the road to recovery today. Acknowledging ones short comings and working towards self improvement is the only way one can go to receive God’s divine blessing as promise in Duet 28 chpt 1-14. Finally What a blessing it is for God to give you and I eternal life through Jesus Christ. The price for our sins was the blood of Jesus. Let us take today as an opportunity for us to examine our hearts; removing everything that is blocking us from being obedient to the cries of God. Let us pick up the cross of Jesus Christ again and restart our pilgrim journey toiling towards Zion all to the honour and glory of God.

Archbishop H. B. Hadaway
Elder and Spiritual Pastor of the Archdiocese