St. Francis N E S B F Archdiocese of Canada

26th Anniversary Report.

February 21st 2016

Archbishop Hadaway and other pastorsGreetings, in the precious name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today is a special day because this anniversary only comes once per year. Each time we celebrate this event in our Church’s life we continue to give praises to Almighty God for his goodness towards us.

Today as we celebrate our 26th anniversary. 1st Peter chapter2, verse 9 tells us.” But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that He should shew forth the praises of Him Who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Praise and Honor be unto Our Heavenly Father.  During the past year to present we at St. Francis National Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese of Canada have kept alive the message of God’s love and what he has done for us as a Church.

In the year 2015 to present our Archbishop and members work diligently towards the success of these accomplishments.

  1. Archbishop Hadaway conducted the yearly Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation celebration at the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate office on March 25th 2015.
  2. We hosted a 2015 Liberation Day Gospel Concert with Jamaican born Jabez as our featured artiste on March 28th.
  3. The church convention was held on April 12th to 19th. Our convention’s banner theme was “In my Father’s House.
  4. Our Archbishop attended a farewell funeral service in Trinidad and Tobago for the late King Shepherd Calendar.
  5. Our Mother Stephanie took part in Inner Harp Ministry Youth Revival in Queen’s New York in May 2015.
  6. Members, family and friends journeyed to Midland Ontario Martyr’s Shine for a day of prayers on July 25th.
  7. August 15th we joined other churches for a day of fun at a Family Picnic at Woodbine beach.
  8. We rejoiced when two candidates were baptized into the family of Jesus Christ on August 29th.
  9. There were seven candidates who were pointed to the celestial city of Almighty Jehovah.
  10. Babies were blessed and dedicated to Almighty God.
  11. Our Church’s Thanksgiving Service was celebrated with the Theme on “Crystal” on December 6th
  12. Our Church Harvest was celebrated on December 6th with members, community guests and other church families.
  13. There was an ordination ceremony of a Reverend Minister where one candidate was elevated into the priesthood of Almighty God.
  14. Bible class is held on Tuesdays at 7pm. Members are delighted to a part of this weekly Bible Class.
  15. Our annual Christmas Dinner was held on December 12th. There was a raffle with a grand prize for a 50 inch television which was donated by Deacon Carrigan.
  16. Archbishop Hadaway performed marriage ceremonies here in Canada.
  17. Archbishop also attended the ordination service at Mt Paran in Brooklyn where 6 candidates were ordained in the gospel ministry.

A special thank you to our Social committee, the men in the church, our faithful members, family, friends and community stake holders for their support in generating funds. These funds aided with the development of our   church.

We continue to pray for all those who are in the midst of difficulties that they may know the comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ in the time of their needs and challenges.

Our upcoming events are

  1. On May 20th to 23rd 2016 The Council of Elders and their churches will host a pilgrimage to New York City.
  2. Our church convention is carded for April 3rd to 10th 2016

Archbishop Report

In the year 2015 our Archbishop, in company with Rev. Pat Mulzac from Brooklyn New York travelled to Ghana to continue his missionary work. Our Archbishop was privileged to speak at two different church crusades in Ghana and one regular Friday service. The NGO that was established in Ghana in 2012 is now the proud owner of its own office which will be officially launched in the next few weeks. There are over twelve churches and two schools as beneficiaries. All praises be given to God Almighty for this fruitful result. Twenty five barrels were shipped to Ghana in December 2015 to be distributed to the vulnerable and less fortunate people in the various communities. We will like to extend a special thank you to the members and well-wishers for your prayers and continued support as we proceed to assist with the needs of our African brothers and sisters in the mother land. As always an open invitation is extended to everyone who would like to journey with our Archbishop on one of his upcoming trips to experience the love and warmth of Africa.

On behalf of our founder, Elder and Shepherd Archbishop Hilton Brian Hadaway I would like to extend our warmest appreciation to all our supporting churches that had rendered their support.

In closing, I have given you a quick reflection of the year 2015 to present. Rejoice with me that the Lord has been gracious to us and has blessed us richly in so many ways.

Archbishop Hadaway, his ministering staff and members continue to trust in God as we continue into this New Year. As we walk with our Lord Jesus Christ may we continue to love Him more every day remembering that the “Joy of the Lord is our Strength.”

Long live our Founder Elder and Shepherd Archbishop Hilton Brian Hadaway. Long live St. Francis national Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese of Canada.

St Francis National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese Of Canada Welcomes You

central altar-028

The writings of Paul have often fascinated me as St. Francis N.E.S.B.F. Archdiocese of Canada Leader, Elder, and a man of God. Throughout the writings within the book of Romans the Apostle Paul gave us a foundation of what we need to do in order to be walking examples of Christ. More specifically in Romans 13, verse 1-2, we encounter the importance of admonishing those that are place in authority over us as those that are ordained by God to serve as ruler of the body of Christ. St. Francis has been blessed to be in existence for 19 years. This is a result of many years of hard work but most importantly it is a result of the strong obedience I have towards my office as Shepherd of the home and of the stock of Abraham and most importantly my fear of God. In this fear I endeavour to take his work and instruction very seriously.

Arcbishop Hadaway

Due to this discipline, I have been blessed to see our home weather many storms, enjoy beautiful sunshine and continue to see growth as I enjoy the strong support of the people around me. Take the time to ask yourself if you as a child of the Almighty God is being obedient to God and submitting yourself to his instruction and those he has placed in your life to give you instructions. How is your walk with Christ? Are you doing all that you can do to ensure you are being obedient to God’s instruction. If you think there is room for improvement let us start the road to recovery today. Acknowledging ones short comings and working towards self improvement is the only way one can go to receive God’s divine blessing as promise in Duet 28 chpt 1-14. Finally What a blessing it is for God to give you and I eternal life through Jesus Christ. The price for our sins was the blood of Jesus. Let us take today as an opportunity for us to examine our hearts; removing everything that is blocking us from being obedient to the cries of God. Let us pick up the cross of Jesus Christ again and restart our pilgrim journey toiling towards Zion all to the honour and glory of God.

Archbishop H. B. Hadaway
Elder and Spiritual Pastor of the Archdiocese